Olympic and PyeongChang

South Korea held winter Olympic games in 2018.   The games held in PyeongChang maily even though held in Gangreung also. In other words PyeongChang area is good place for winter sightseeing as well as spring and autumn. 

Our guide will meet pick you up in the lobby (on the 1st floor of your hotel if lobby is not on the first floor) of your hotel in Soul according to a schedule we will confirm and drive about three hours to PyeongChang where ski resort, sheep ranch and beautiful scenery is waiting for your visit.

After tour you will be transferred back to Seoul and be doped off at your hotel(accommodation).

Tour Description

Woljeongsa Temple

Woljeongsa Temple is located in a forested valley east of Odaesan Mountain, and is in charge of over 60 temples and 8 monasteries in the area. Woljeongsa Temple was established by Monk Ja Jang (590-658). Woljeongsa Temple is also the site of Seongbo Museum, displaying artifacts and treasures from Buddhist culture of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), including a nine-story octagonal pagoda, also called as the Sari-Pagoda (relic pagoda) and a Stone Seated Buddha figure.


Also there is the Jeokmyeolbogung where Buddha's bones are said to be preserved, and the large sermon hall Jeokgwangjeon Pavilion. Usually in a Jeokgwangjeon Pavilion the Vairocana figure is enshrined, but it is interesting that the Sakyamuni figure is enshrined at Jeokgwangjeon Pavilion at Woljeong temple.


Woljeongsa Temple of today was restored after many buildings burned down during the Korean War. Many cultural assets and historic data were lost at this time. 

This sky-walk is on the road as well as over the dam. There it is special experience to biking through this special bike path. 

You will enjoy this beautiful scenery during cycling.  As you can see in these pictures this sky-walk is surrounded by mountains so commend dramatic view to "water and mountains".

Alpensia Ski Jump

One of interesting place to visit in PyeongChang area is Alpensia Ski Jump.  The view from the Ski Jump Slopes is unique. It feels like you are 'a free bird in the sky'. 


There are two ski jumps. It is very interesting that winter is not very long in South Korea but a winter provides lots of activities to Koreans as well as travelers.  

​Yongpyong Ski Resort - sightseeing

Yongpyong Resort is situated at the center of Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, and sees an average of 250 centimeters of snowfall per season, which makes for excellent skiing conditions.


Not only that, the resort’s enormous seventeen million square meter complex includes a 45-hole golf course, gondolas, swimming pool, and other facilities. This all-season recreational complex allows visitors to escape from daily life and relax.  

Yongpyong Resort has an impressive ski slopes, including the popular Rainbow Slopes, and offers excellent facilities for skiers. The resort's Dragon Plaza offers a variety of services for skiers and snowboarders. 

Yongpyong Resort has hosted a number of international competitions, including the World Cup Ski Competition, the Asian Winter Games and Winter Olympic Games. It is consequently one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea, and is frequented by many tourists. 

It is Korean soap opera (K-drama), Winter Sonata, filming location. The gondola of this resort reach the peak of Mt. Balwong. It is enjoyable experience for the tourists to take a gondola and visit the peak (Dragon Peak) of the YongPyong ski resort. 

.Tour Itinerary

08:00               Pick up in the lobby (Seoul) 

                       (1st floor if lobby is not

                        on the 1st floor)

08:00 - 11:00   Transfer 

11:00 - 12:00   Woljeongsa temple                        

12:00 - 13:00   (Lunch) 

13:00 - 14:00   Alpensia ski jump sightseeing 

14:00 - 15:30   Yongpyong resort sightseeing 

15:30 - 18:30   Drop off at the hotel 

                       (or agreed place) 

Tour Pricing

Tour Rate (price per person)  


  • All admission fees to tourists sites 

  • Local English-speaking guide service 

  • Transportation service with private vehicle

  • Hotel Pick up & Drop off Service in Seoul 

  • Activities ticket : Yongpyong Gondola to peak  


  • Personal expenses

  • Meals and beverages


  • If you want to start/finish at Incheon airport, extra $60 per one way transfer

  • Maximum passengers 6 people with small to medium sized luggage (No large size luggage) 

  • Ski Jump will be closed due to bad weather conditions or athletes are under training 

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