Pocheon Herb Ialand

It is famous for millions of herbs which give you good smells and good night view in the winter. It is 1.5 hours distance by car. It is getting easier after opening the new freeway.

This is kind of private-owned park with herbs, green house, buildings, restaurant. It has a fresh air because it is located in the small mountain. Take your leisure time here for refresh. Visit more place near by here, ex. Pocheon Art Valley, Sanjeong lake.

You can stroll into the dozens of building to see perfumes, bar(soap), handy craft, and drink coffee like the picture above. Please enjoy the memorable visit to the Herb Island in Pocheon.

There are "remembrance section" where you can see the miniature street in 1960s 18970s 1980s. This is another unexpected thing to see. Please fall in love with the scene of South Korean Industrial Development Era.

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