Lighting Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm.

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

At the time of the winter, there is the Lighting Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm (normally Dec 05 - March 31). The Garden of Morning Calm is a kind of botanical garden with flowers, trees and bonsai trees. Leaves are all dropping in the winter in Korea, so these trees and plants are all looks like black and nothing in winter.

As for this, the garden planned exhibit a lighting festival in winter. Lighting will give you special experience, especially when it is winter. It is catching fashion, so the garden expending the festival area every year. The garden is most beautiful in autumn. But it is also so beautiful in the winter also if you like lighting festival.

You may be scared a bit, but it is very safe in Korea. And if you are with guide in a tour, it is absolutely safe to go around. It is another happiness to enjoy the night life in South Korea.

Don't hesitate to enjoy another side of tourist attractions.

It is believed that there are Five Directional Colors in Korean thought - Black in North, Red in South, Blue in East, White in West (called OBangSaek). The Lighting Festival's name in Korea (오색별빛정원전) is named after colors.

The garden is nearby Nami island, so you can plan to visit together with Nami island.

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